karadiyan Nonbu Festival

Karadayan Nonbu or Savitri Vratham is a traditional tamilnadu festival where in married women pray for the well being of their husband. It is believed that Savithri got her husband back on the first day of Tamil month "Panguni". So, this day is celebrated as "Karadayan Nonbu" in Tamil Nadu. On this day, married women and young girls wear yellow ropes and pray to Hindu goddesses for long lives for their husbands.
I am telugu Brahmin and I never had a chance to celebrate this nonbu till now. But still when i was in my high school i used to go to my friend's home and tie the rope & now it happened to be true ;)
When I celebrated this nonbu in US i couldn't find neither banana leaf nor betel. SO i offered to GOD in my own way :P. Generally the Karadiyan Nonbu Adai along with coconut, betel leaf, banana, butter and rope in a banana leaf is offered to the God and the married women will have to chant the below lines while tieing the rope around the neck.
"Urugadha Vennayam oru adayum vaithu nonbu notren oru nallum en kanavar piriyamal iruka vendum".