Kesari (Semolina Pudding)

I am neither a Kesari Fan nor a Sweet Fan, but my husband is a Sweet Factory :) I never really liked kesari until one day my husband made and gave me. Wow !! I am drooling all over when i say this, you wont believe that kesari was heavenly delicious :)

The main reason is generally this pudding is made with semolina boiling in water. But My husband used Milk !! Many people use milk, but I never knew :P I know what you people think ;)

Preparation time: 5 mins

Cooking time : 15 mins

Servers : 3-4 depending on the serving size


  • Rava (Semolina) - 1 cup
  • Milk - 2 cups
  • Sugar - 1 cup or less (adjust to your taste)
  • Ghee - 2- 3 tbsp 
  • Broken Cashew nuts - 2 tbsp
  • Raisins - 1 tbsp
  • Cardamom powder - a pinch
  • Crushed Saffron  - few pinches


  • In a pan, heat the ghee and let it melt, then add cashew nuts to it and fry them until they are golden brown.
  • Then add rava (Semolina) to it and fry it in the ghee without any lumps forming in the corners. Don't brown the kesari or burn it, make sure the stove is on medium heat.
  • Once the semolina is roasted, (Will take 2 mins hardly), add in sugar and mix well for 2 mins
  • then add in 1 cup of milk and stir gently, at this point add powdered saffron and cardamom and keep stirring.
  • Just when half of the milk is absorbed, add in rest 1 cup of the milk and at this point add raisins( i add in the end because if the raisins are over cooked i don't like them. It gets bloated. If you don't mind it, you can actually fry them and cook them along with cashew nuts. )
  • Keep stirring until milk is absorbed and the kesari is not gummy, don't keep in the stove too long so that it becomes hard.

Serve hot as a dessert or even as breakfast, if you are going to eat in larger volume be reminded of reducing the sugar level accordingly :D !!