Rosewater Lassi (Flavored Yogurt)

Do you know taking a glass full of yogurt each day has its own significance?

  1. It is easier to digest than milk
  2. The lactic acid in yogurt help in digestion of food and mainly helps body to absorb calcium.
  3. There are something called "good bacteria and Bad Bacteria" which decides every little thing in our body. Bacteria in the yogurt helps the immune system to boost up.
  4. More importantly its good to eat yogurt when you are taking antibiotics. Its reduces the effects of it. 
  5. And for vegetarian like me, yogurt is a good source of protein as well.

I know we need choice and preferences even while eating something , i will post more flavors of Yogurt soon


Plain live cultured Yogurt - 2 cups (Preferably Cold yogurt)

Milk - if the yogurt is too sour.

Sugar - 1 tbsp (or to your taste)

Rose water - 1 tsp

Crushed cardamom and cashew nuts


  • Blend the yogurt without lumps using a whisk
  • Depending on the sourness add milk to it (Its optional, instead of adding excess sugar you can include milk)
  • Then add sugar, and rosewater together and whisk well.
  • Finally garnish it with nuts and serve chill :)