How to make Urad Flour

Urad flour is basically used to make many indian savory snacks. Also a main ingredient for dargarma pachadi. Its is just dry roasting and grinding the urad dal (white lentil) into a fine powder and you can make it in batches and store in a air tight container.

Preparation time: 5 mins

Making time: 5 mins


Whole Urad dal - desired amount ( I took 1/2 cup)


In a tawa dry roast the urad dal on a medium heat until they turn golden brown. 

Then let it sit on the counter for couple of more minutes until its cooled down to room temperature. Then grind into a fine powder


  1. Make sure you keep strring until it turns color.
  2. Dry roast on medium heat, when you roast on high flame it tends to brown on one side and stays white on the other half
  3. Once you make a fine powder, sift / sieve it at least 2 times make sure you got all the coarse particle out.
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