Paanagam ( Jaggery Drink)

Paanagam is a jaggery drink made usually on Raam navmi festival but I made them for


this year :)

When myself and my husband where going for jogging one day and i was so exhausted then i told him i need glucose, then all in a sudden he said when we go home make paanagam and drink :) I though Oh God yeah it is our country's Glucose !! It has sugar for immediate energy, it has ginger as anti inflammatory, Elachi (Cardamom) For its nice flavor, Lemon Juice for immunity :) It is a package drink !!

Preparation time : 10 mins

Serves : 4 cups (1 ltr)


  • Jaggery - 300 gms
  • Cardamom powder - a generous pinch 
  • whole Cardamom - 2
  • Ginger juice - 1 tsp
  • Lemon juice - from one lemon
  • Water - 4 cups (cold water preferably)
  • Nutmeg powder - a pinch


Dissolve the jaggery in water and leave it on the counter for 10 - 15 mins. The process is eased if the jaggery is shredded. Then strain the jaggery water for any unwanted particle.

Then to the jaggery pulp add in the rest of the ingredients and stir well =.

Finally top it with a small lemon piece and cardamom slices.

Serve chill !

I am sending this recipe for my first event participation :) Conducted by

Achu's - Tangy Mind


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