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I know there are so many posts, articles, promotions to




and yes it is yet another awareness post. The least I could do to feed an idea in others mind is by communicating

I was not preparing to write about this because neither I am neither too perfect nor a correct person to talk about it, but still I am trying to GO GREEN and wanted some of friends to join the journey along with me.

When i was young my mom scolds me everytime i was about to waste my food. We had huge arguments and anyways she will end up feeding me ;) instead of throwing away. Though many of us are taught not to waste food or in fact any item in that case but we still  see

lots of wasted food in the garbage, unused food in the fridge, unwanted cloths in the closet,

Every time i see some people in the streets with no place to live, I ask my husband what did they do to deserve such life. One day when we were outside on a cold day a man was standing in the streets like a lunatic with torn cloths and in barefoot, it was in the downtown where so many people cross by and not even a single person was ready to even give him a pair of old shoes. Unfortunately before we could get him one he was gone from that place.

So many of us spend excess money or spend lavishly for the items which are not even important for us. I am not here to point out the mistakes of others, I have the done the same things and I might also be doing it now even without my knowledge  and I assume there are many of us like me who have realized and are willing to think :)

To start with its basically only three thing



What do you mean by Reduce?

To reduce the impact on our environment it is important we reduce the consumption of the energy and wastage.

How to do it?

Few thing which i have been following

Reducing Energy Consumption 

  • Turn off the computer if not in use
  • Unplug the appliances immediately after use
  • Try to use fan / AC or Heater only when necessary. Enjoy the natural weather whenever possible and when AC / heater is on make sure all windows and doors are closed.
  • Turn off the lights when not in the room
  • I see some people keep their car engine running with the AC while waiting in the parking lot. Some part of the world really understands the importance of fuel.
  • Soak / rinse the dish immediately after use so that you reduce the amount of water while washing the dishes.  
  • Please dont leave the tap open with running water, you might have enough water but there are over billion of people around the world without clean water.

Reducing Paper consumptions: 

  • Think a 100 times before taking a photocopy or printing an item. Even for tickets (movie, train and buses) many companies allow the sms sent by them
  • It has become a trend to carry soft / Facial tissues or paper handkerchief while traveling or when sick. Is it really necessary? What does a tissue does that the handkerchief doesn't.
  • Same is the case with paper towels, instead of using paper towels to clean kitchen a fabric can be allocated and used. 

  Plants and Trees:

  • Try to grow small plants inside home if possible which can be used for daily use like tomatoes, green leafs and herbs
  • Plant more tress around your houses
  • If you have a garden or like to have one plan to plant tress which consume less water. (Example : Banana tree consumes more water but neem tree doesn't)
  • Try to buy grocery from local farmers or local store rather than buying from super market from where most of it are GMO (Genetically modified) or available with lots of pesticides
  • Try to read the ingredients section whenever buying a item.
  • Try to buy organic food whenever possible

If you dont like to eat the food cooked earlier then try not to waste. While cooking make sure you don't cook a lot, we should be thankful for the good food and for the empty dishes after eating. 


Reusing?? How??

  • Use a separate bag for shopping. It really makes me happy to see how many plastic bags i stop from getting home by using a separate bag for grocery
  • While buying small items try to say ' NO THANKS" for the bags.
  • Try to get refills to instead of buying a new box for the same stuff. (Example: Cooking Oil, Drink powders)
  • try to use glass and metals instead of plastics.


 Yes I understand though we try to avoid buying and try to reuse we end up getting lots of plastic can, plastic bags etc.. So what to do??

Collect all of them and drop then in the Recycle bins.

Did you know recycling papers and plastic reduce the amount of energy consumed to reproduce them and even the pollution caused is reduced when it is recycled rather than produced by raw materials.

Hope this is helpful. I will be happy if at least one of my friends find it interesting and happy to do the same.

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