My 100 th Post !! :)

This is my 100 th post :) Instead of updating a recipe I decided to specially dedicate a post and planned to celebrate my 100th recipe separately :)

First of all I really thank my family, friends and reader who supported me in the journey, and a special thanks to my husband who encouraged me right from the beginning also for being patient and for being my wonderful Food critic :) 

In these 100 posts I have ' 98 recipes'  in 150 days (approximately) apart from miscellaneous stuffs and page content. I participated in many event which encouraged me to try new dishes and challenge myself.

In this tenure I have not only learnt about food but also lots about food blogging, food photography, etc.. and ended up finding lots of new friends :) Finally I really thank my co-blogger friends who helped and guided me through if I had any doubts.

This is yet another small target achieved and I am really happy to share. I hope to continue the same with all your support :)  I still have lots to learn and i am excited and thrilled for that :)