Tips - Vegetables buying

There are always time when we find out only after coming home / cutting the veggies we realize we chose the wrong veggie. Below are few tips on how to find the best among rest :)


A good beetroot will be round, firm and slender roots. Avoid elongated beets with scaly regions. Mostly the good beets will always have a good top (Beet greens) and firm from outside.

Did you know beet greens are very nutritious?? It can be cooked as we coo spinach leaves or substituted where spinach is required.

P.S: Photo is from web


Cabbage leaves should be crispy and firm, the more green the cabbage is more tastier it is. Avoid purchasing shredded cabbage.


carrots should be plump, firm and smooth. when storing carrots in the refrigerator cut the leafy top (If any) and then store it. The carrot easily loses its moisture with the leafy top.

P.S: The leaf of the carrot can be used in soups/salad.


Cauliflower florets should be together without any gaps in between, also the more leaves surrounded the florets are the safest.

Look for a nice milky white cauliflower.

Try to avoid purchasing dull and spotted cauliflowers.


Bright Greenish, plump beans are better in quality.

There is also a trick to find the beans, but it is not useful while purchasing :P, the good beans will get cooked easily :) Yes its true.


Onions should have papery skin outside and should have no sign of moisture.

If you are looking for a sweeter version, try to pick a young onion.

Avoid onions, which are sprouted on top or which smells.


The potatoes should be firm and have a smooth, thin skin.

Try to avoid potatoes which are sprouted and greenish in the skin. It is not safe to use.

P.S: Try to google it, i never use potatoes which turn green