Pistachio Kulfi (Indian Ice cream)

Who doesn't like kulfi  :) I am a kulfi lover. When i was young i would wait for the small bell which the kulfiwala would be ringing .. as soon as i hear the bell ringing i would run outside to get kulfi's. Traditionally it would be sold in a small pot. But it can also be made as Popsicle or small molds in any shape or size as we wish..

As i mentioned in my

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, i tried three different variations of kulfi. One recipe which is more popular on the internet using cool whip. But i was not satisfied with that recipe because in earlier days people wouldn' t have used cool whip and condensed milk to make the kulfi. So I ended up making the traditional way just by using milk.

Preparation time: 10 mins

Cooking time : 1 hour

Waiting time: 6 - 8 hours or Overnight

Serves: 7 - 8 small mould as shown in the pic


Milk - 4 cups

sugar - 1 cup (or adjust to your taste)

crushed pistachio - 1/4 cup

saffron - a generous pinch

cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp

A dash of nutmeg powder and Cinnamon powder


In a heavy bottom pan or a non stick pan add milk and bring it to boil on a medium high heat. Once its reaches its boiling point mix sugar and keep stirring in between until all the sugar is dissolved.

Once the sugar is dissolved bring down the heat to medium or medium low and reduce the quantity of the milk to

65 % of its Original volume

It is important to reduce the quantity of the milk. Keep stirring in between. Do not let the bottom burn.

Once its volume is reduced, add the nuts and spices and mix well together and let it come to the room temperature.

Then transfer it to any molds you have (even cups would work, just make sure they are tightly sealed) and freeze it. After half an hour open it again give it a mix and cover them and freeze it again over night/ 6-8 Hours/ until it is frozen.


  • It is very important to reduce the quantity of the milk.
  • It would not be like so hard like ice cubes. It will be little harder than ice cream.
  • If it is not sealed properly it wouldn't freeze correctly. it might tend be like a mousse
  • Adding a dash of nutmeg and cinnamon truly enriched the flavor and was heavenly delicious . I recommend not to omit from the recipe
  • I preferred pistachio nut, it can be easily replaced with any dry fruits and nuts.
  • Now a days we get fruit flavored kulfi, but traditionally it was made only in nutty flavors.
  • Adding nuts in the end will keep the nut crunchy. Also same is the case with adding other spices like (Cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder and cardamom powder) it saves the aroma if added in the end.

Hope you like it ! Enjoy and Happy cooking