There and Back again "My Tale of what happened in last one year"

Hello Everyone,

I know its been a very long time. Phewww!! what a year it has been. I cannot imagine life could change this much in just one year. Of course its a good change :)

A part of life where i stayed away from my husband for couple of months, by the way never in my life i am going for a vacation or work in a place where he isn't there with me. Moved to a different places "TWICE", made new friends. A part of year well spent in morning sickness, Cramping, kicks Counts. Yes! you heard me right, I got pregnant and Now i am officially a MOM for a very beautiful baby girl. I cannot believe she is already 6 months old, my baby girl is growing up :)

Meet '


', she says Hello to everyone and thanks to others who kept my blog alive for all this time.  Tons of thanks from me for all my friends who kept giving me a reminder call of what I've been missing to do all this while. Time is just flying and just realized its time for me to be back again