Thalagam (Thaludham) Ezhu kari kuzhambhu

'Hmmm!! Where to start?' that's been my question ever since i wanted to post this recipe. Not because i dint know what to write. Its because every time i sit down to write, i end up thinking next time i make this i am definitely making it with kali (its perfect combo). Oh No, may be make some extra to have it with Dosai/ Idly for the next day. Or may be with pongal the day after that. The list keeps growing, :P

The only regret i had after making this recipe was i couldn't make it the way its supposed to be done. In a stone pot, yeah that's right. For those who tasted this will understand my true feelings. Long gone are those days ' I miss my grand ma'. But even now my mother in law makes it with her stone pot :)

Arrr !! Modernized kitchen and smoke detectors.

This is not Eruchakari/ Ezhukari kootu, but this is the way my mom used to make. Very similar to that with few additions. Ezhukari kootu is arachuvitta sambhar with 7 different vegetables. This version of Thaludham includes sesame seeds and peanuts and replaces fresh grated coconut with dry coconuts. In my mother's side tradition this is not only made for thiruvadhirai festival also every time son in law of the house visits it is included as a part of the feast. Guess who got royal treatment when my mom visited here :P LOL

Ok Now to the point.

Serving size - 4 people (but it was just 2 of us here) :)

Preparation time - 30 mins

cooking time - 30 mins


For the sambhar powder:

Dried red chillis - 6 or 8 (based on hotness level)

channa dal (Bengal gram) - 3 tbsp

coriander seeds - 3 tbsp

peanuts - 2 tbsp

dried coconut powder - 3 - 4 tbsp

oil - to saute (gingelly oil preferably)

Other Ingredients:

vegetables - 6 to 7 cups ( I used drumstick, sweet potatoes, potatoes, broad bean, pumpkin, Ash gourd, snake gourd)

tamarind pulp - from a big lemon sized ball of tamarind

salt - taste

sesame seeds - 2 tsps

For Seasoning:


Mustard seeds - 1 tsp

Fenugreek seeds - 1/2 tsp

curry leaves - few strands

dried red chilli - 2

Asafetida (hing) - a generous pinch


Keep the vegetables wash peel, cut and pressure cook it.

Take the pulp out of tamarind add salt to it and boil vegetables in that.

Meanwhile dry roast sesame seeds and hand grind it using mortar and pestle. If you dont have one simply powder it using a blender. Also for making sambhar powder, heat oil in a small pan or tadka and roast all the ingredients mentioned in 'to roast and grind column). make sure to add the coconut powder at the end after the stove is off. Don't brown the coconut powder. If you have dried coconut pieces do fry it for few seconds separately. Once it comes to room temperature grind it to coarse powder.

Once the raw smell of tamarind is gone and vegetables are cooked add the ground powder to it and let it boil for couple of minutes. Then finally add sesame powder to it and let it simmer for couple more mins. Finally season it and serve hot :)



  • Adjust hotness based on the type of red chilli you are using
  • Always add sesame powder at the end because it brings out bitter flavor when cooked for long time
  • A bit Jaggery can be added at the end too. it will complement the flavor
  • If you are using dried coconut, sambhar powder can be made upfront for later uses. It will have shelf life for 10 - 15 days

Enjoy and Happy Cooking!! :)