Kaju Katli (Cashew fudge)

If there is one sweet that could make me a sweet person that is kaju katli. Some how i always felt this is the only sweet dish that has right amount of sugar in it and that wouldn't make me cloy.

I never knew how simple it was to make until i made this at home. Also i was so excited to make this because my husband gifted me a light box for my birthday and i couldn't wait to use it. This is a perfect sweet to gift someone or for a festival giveaways.

Kaju katli is different from kaju barfi. In kaju katli only cashew nut and sugar is used but in burfi milk powder is also used. Thats why kaju katli has better shelf life compared to burfi

Preparation time : 5 mins

Cooking time ; 15 mins

Waiting time : 20 - 30 min


Cashew nut - 1 cup

powdered sugar - 1 cup (adjust to your sweetness)

Saffron - 20 strands

Whole Milk - 2 - 3 tbsps  (optional)

Ghee - 1 tbsp


Microwave cashew nut for 1 minute so that it grinds to powder easily. In case there is no microwave pan fry without oil for 2 mins. let it cool down over the counter for few mins. Mean while soak saffron in milk and powder the sugar. I did not powder this time but i recommend powdering, else you will feel the sugar after the fudge is set. Either wise the end product will be completely awesome.

Then grind cashew into fine powder as much as u can. Now mix sugar and cashew powder and keep it ready.

Melt ghee in a kadai on a medium heat, preferably non-stick or heavy bottom. Then add the cashew and sugar mixture to it and keep stirring until the sugar melts. Make sure it does not burn.

Then make a well and add the milk saffron mixture. Gently fold in all the powder into the milk. Now for another 5 mins keep folding the mixture until it holds together. Then pour the mixture onto a non greased plate and let it set for 20 mins atleast

Once it is set. Cut into desired shape. With this proportions we can make upto 20 pieces.


  • The finer the cashew powder the smoother your fudge will be. Over grinding a large amount of cashew will form a lump. Make sure to grind smaller amount at a time.
  • Little amount of ghee is sufficient to get a smooth fudge.
  • You can avoid milk for a even better shelf life. But milk and saffron bring great texture and flavor to the sweet.

Enjoy and relish every bite !!