How to store produce?

Why do i write this post now? Just like my


post this is yet another thought that's been sitting in my mind for way too long. The main reason behind this is "

The better stored produce stays fresh longer"

one less reason to throw away the produce"

General Guidelines:

  • While buying look for fresher, good and non-damaged produce. I already posted how to buy vegetable for few. This is no brainer. Good things stay fresh longer. 
  • Damaged vegetables cause molds to form easily and will turn all the vegetables / fruit bad. Remember 'One bad apple spoils the bunch'
  • Clean the refrigerator every time before reloading with the new produce.
  • Use a liner, paper towel, or thin cloth in the crisper draw to absorb any extra moisture.
  • Always store vegetables and fruits separately. The fruits ripen faster than vegetables.

Produce that don't need refrigeration:

  • Any type of potato, onion, garlic.
  • Avocado, oranges, banana's, pineapple, melons and fruits that are not ripe 
  • Tomatoes taste better when not refrigerated. But I do, because I buy in bulk and they ripens quickly when stored outside
  • Apart from produce - Bread, spices and flour

Tip: If stored on counter top or tiered basket, store them away from direct sunlight

For Vegetables:

  • Always wash veggies only before use. If washed and refrigerated there is a very high chance they grow molds (Yuck)
  • Always store vegetables in the crisper draw (Especially loose vegetables like carrot, bell peppers, zucchini, beans)
  • The first rack is little warmer than other so I always store cilantro, curry leaves and cling sheet wrapped watery veggies. 
  • Do not keep produce in covers and tied up. Again moisture is bad except for greens. . Although if the produces comes packed leave it like that. 
  • Store Greens like spinach and mint in opened plastic coves inside the crisper draw.
  • Store green chilli and ginger in a open container  (I use butter compartment ;) 

Half  cut/used Vegetables:

  • I always cut my veggies and store the rest in freezer. It works like a charm. I have it handy when needed and reduces the wastage. Below vegetables stay longer when cut and frozen
    • Ash gourd
    • Bitter gourd
    • Pumpkin
    • green chilli
    • okra / lady's finger
    • Bell peppers
  • If you dont freeze, here are some tips for storing diced veggies
    • Cauliflower - pieces Ziploc
    • spinach / mint/ greens - leaves separated and stored in open plastic bag in crisper draw.
    • onions - stored in air tight container

For fruits:

As mentioned before the fruits that need refrigeration must be stored separately from veggies.

Half used fruits like avocado, citrus and apples can be saran wrapped and stored.



If you dont want to keep apples from browning, soak it in lemon water / salt water for few minutes and give it a quick rinse and box it. 

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