Vermicelli Kheer (Semiya Payasam)

Vermicelli Kheer

No introduction needed for this recipe. I am not much of a sweet craving person. However this gets in my list along with kaju katli, rice kheer and lassi :) It is perfect dish when you have guests at home.  It is easy quick and literally anyone can make it, like my daughter in this video :D 

I love the instant pot version of this recipe. One pot, one click and one settings when you open you have yummy dessert ready to be taken to your dining table.




IP - Default Porridge mode - Keep warm off


In instant pot place Pot inside main pot with trivet and 1 cup water in the main pot. In the inner pot add roasted vermicelli, sugar and milk. Mix well and turn the IP on to default porridge mode. Turn the keep warm off by clicking on the porridge button before its starts cooking. 

Meanwhile in a tadka add ghee and roast cashewnut and raisins.

Once the instant pot is turned off wait for natural release or QR (Quick Release) after 5 to 10 minutes. Add cardamom powder and roasted nuts. Also more milk if needed.

  • The stove top version is similar. Just mix everything and slow cook on low to medium flame until the vermicelli is cooked. 
  • In instant pot I have cooked maximum of 5 to 6 cups of payasam/kheer with one click porridge mode. I am sure IP is intelligent enough to change timings according to the amount necessary to cook. 
  • If more quantity is cooked, I suggest waiting for pressure to be naturally released.
  • Add enough milk to cook vermicelli, You can always add more milk at the end. This way the kheer will be rich and creamy.
  • Few saffron strands can be added for enriching the color and flavor.

Enjoy and Happy cooking!