Meal Prep with me - Indian meal planning series

Well I bring few more tips this week. I recommend you check my south indian meal prep tips post. More coming on it's way :) Let's get started !

  1. Less cry while cutting onions, tomatoes not squirting juice or knife not sliding while cutting bell pepper are signs of a sharp knife.
  2. Use all those veggie scraps to make veggie stock. Makes a perfect broth recipe.
  3. Evenly sliced veggies are easy to cook.
  4. While prepping for dishes like pulao and kadai paneer, contain all your items in one box. This saves time and you don't have to dig through many containers 
  5. Making roti's or phulka's on the busy weekday night can be stressful. Roll as many as you can and store in the refrigerator layered with wax paper
  6. Important part of meal prepping is to multi use the same veggie. I am using this cabbage as curry for rice, for salad and upma. Used in 3 different ways for 3 days.
  7. While storing in ZIPLOC squeeze out as much as you can to extend the food life.