My top 4 South Indian meal prep tips

South Indian meal prep tips

Recently I have been obsessed with meal prep and meal planning. For a few years now I have been growing my meal prepping ritual. Now I am full on meal planning. However till now I haven't frozen complete meals. Both me and my husband grew up at households where food is enjoyed with passion. So its been hard for us to imagine fully frozen meals. 

My Mother in law meal prep's,  podi's like Jeera rasam, pepper kuzhambhu, vara podi. She will have coconut shredded and tamarind pulp ready for the week in the refrigerator. Things that saves precious minutes during the busy weekday mornings.

I went one step further. I try to make a plan, freeze veggies, freeze base mix (like for kootu, aviyal, gravy), almost ready to eat. With hacks and tips like this I easily reduce 50% to 60% of standing time in the kitchen.

Preparation time - 20 mins and use it for upto a month. Video Instructions below


TIP # 1


This is perfect for making last minute sambar / rasam. When I have frozen lentils in my refrigerator I can make a meal in under 30 minutes. How awesome is that. I simply cook lentils until they are mashable, wait for it to reach room temperature and freeze it.

Toor dal - For sambar, rasam

Moong dal - For kootu, and poricha kuzhambhu


  • I regularly use toor and moong dal and I freeze based on my usage. I suggest you try smaller proportion and then go for more.
  • I dint add salt, just included turmeric while cooking.
  • There is no need to thaw before adding it to sambar or rasam while cooking.

TIP #2


Simply grind shredded coconut, red chilli and cumin seeds with water. Make cubes with ice cube trays freeze overnight and store in a ziploc bag. Use a cube or 2 based on serving size. When you need, add to the veggies and steam cook for a minute or 2. 


  • If you wish you can add rice flour while grinding so that kootu consistency will get thicker.
  • This kootu recipe is generic and can be used to make spinach, tomato, cabbage, snake gourd the options are endless. 
  • I did not add salt to this either.

TIP #3


I make tamarind pulp for a week and refrigerate it in a mason jar. If you are anything like me who hates to make tamarind pulp in a hurry. This is for you :)


  • I make a thick pulp needed for a whole week. This can be easily adapted per needs.
  • You can save it for up to 2 weeks. 
  • I would recommend not leave it on the counter , it may loose it tanginess. 

TIP #4


I love ginger, the aroma from fresh ginger is therapeutic. I always have ginger at home. Especially having it frozen is great for those morning teas, upma's, Juice, gravies. Freeze 1 inch sized grated ginger and freeze it in ziploc.

Enjoy and happy meal planning!