Vegan gummy bear

Vegan gummy fruit snack

I loved gum drops and gummies growing up. I stopped eating when I realized there were made of gelatin, which is not vegetarian or vegan friendly. But I learnt that agar - agar / china grass is a perfect substitute. 

Though it looks the same, the texture is completely different from gelatin. Gelatin has more gummy and chewy texture. Agar agar melts in your mouth. Gelatin more stretchy with agar agar it's solid but soft.

My daughter loves gummy bears, this is one of my persistence efforts to make my daughter eats. Please leave a comment below if you have any tips that I can follow :)


  1. The more agar agar powder or more thick the liquid the harder it sets. 
  2. For jelly like appearance, add more liquid to the same proportion.
  3. While trying to layer two different liquid. Make sure the top layer of liquid is hot so that it wont separate after setting.
  4. Agar agar powder dissolves easy than any other form (string / flakes) , if strings or flakes is used, soak in water for 5 mins, heat it in water make sure its dissolved completely before adding any liquid. 
  5. Remove pulp or seeds from the juice to get smooth texture.
  6. Refrigeration is not required to set gummies, however it wont tamper the texture.


  • Fruit juice - 1/2 cup - Pulp and seed free
  • Lemon Juice - 1 tsp
  • Honey - 1 tsp
  • Agar agar powder - 1 tbsp


In a pot, add water (1/4 cup) for a tablespoon of agar agar powder  and mix well. Now heat that mixture while stirring without any lumps. 

To that add in clear juice (I used orange and pomegranate) 1/2 cup and stir well. You should see all the powder is dissolved and the liquid will start to thicken up. 

Be sure to keep the molds ready as agar agar will set quick in room temperature itself. Now when the mixture is thick, filter and transfer it to the mold. At this stage you can leave it on counter top for 30 mins or refrigerate until its set.

Since these are made with no artificial ingredients or preservatives, its best to use it within a week. Refrigerate and store in a airtight container,

Enjoy and Happy snacking. 


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