Almond Kheer with almond meal

Badam kheer in instant pot

Badam kheer in instant pot

Almond kheer has never been easier with almond meal and instant pot. I purchased a huge bag of almond meal and I went crazy. I made two variations of milk, sweetening with regular sugar and with dates paste. My mom (who is diabetic) enjoyed the sweetened kheer with dates. 

Dates with almond meal can be a perfect everyday energy drink for kids. Learn how to make dates paste from here.


  • Milk (of your choice) - 2 cups
  • Almond meal - 3/4 cup or 1 cup
  • sugar / dates - for sweetness
  • saffron strands 
  • cardamom powder (optional)


Start with a little water at bottom of the main pot, to avoid milk burnt and sticking at the bottom. After that add in milk of your choice, saffron strands, almond meal (change the amount of almond meal as thick or thin you like the kheer)

Set the instant pot to manual , high pressure - 2 mins. Increase the time based on the quantity.

When the pressure is released, open and stir. In case if you are substituting dates to all sugar and have no dates paste. Add in pitted dates while pressure cooking, and then blend. 

Optionally you can add, cardamom powder before serving.

Enjoy and happy indulging.