Dates Paste | Healthy sweetener alternative

Dates Paste in electric pressure cooker

Dates Paste in electric pressure cooker

Having dates paste handy is very helpful. Great for a quick and healthy kheer or can be used as any sweetener alternative. 

I love the dates paste with almond kheer (badam payasam) and my daughter called dates with milk her "Tasty paal" :) 

Cooking time - 10 mins



Add water to the main pot, in the small pot add equal parts pitted dates and water. Cook on manual - high pressure - 3 mins, vent sealed and keep warm off.

When the pressure is released, blend the dates & water. Strain. 

Simmer and saute for 5 mins until non-flowing consistency. Refrigerate after cooling down to room temperature. Use it as needed

Enjoy and Happy cooking!