Semiya vermicelli upma loaded with greens

Vermicelli Upma

This recipe has a wonderful flavor combination with coriander leaves & tomato. Did you know you need food high in vitamin C (like citrus & tomato) to absorb iron from spinach. I always include either tomato or lemon while including greens into the diet.

Semiya upma_Kids Breakfast

My daughter loves spinach, but only when it's blended. That's why if you have seen my kuzhipaniyaram post or Pesarattu post, I would have blended the greens. Here is another improvised semiya upma.

  • Preparation time - 5 mins
  • cooking time - 15 mins


For Blending:

  • Spinach - 2 cups
  • Tomato - 1
  • Cilantro / Coriander leaves - 1 cup
  • Ginger - 2 inch piece
  • Green chilli - 1

Other Ingredient:

  • Ghee/Oil - 2 tbsp
  • Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
  • Urad dal - 1 tsp
  • Channa dal - 1 tsp
  • Cashew nut - 1 tbsp
  • Roasted Vermicelli - 2 cups
  • Cabbage - Julian 1/2 cup 


    First start by blending for the base. I'm using this as the water necessary to cook the vermicelli. Blend together (Tomato, ginger, green chilli, coriander leaves and spinach) and set it aside

    Meanwhile, heat the pan

    1. Heat oil
    2. Add in seasoning (mustard seeds, urad dal, channa dal, cashews) 
    3. Saute Julianne cabbage (optional onion)
    4. Roasted vermicelli and mix well (if you don't have roasted add a tbsp of ghee and roast in the same pan before adding cabbage) 
    5. Blended spinach puree (4 cups) adjust water based on the amount of vermicelli
    6. Add salt, cover & simmer.
    7. Stir occasionally 
    8. top it with lemon juice and devour. 

    This is a great way to add in extra iron in the diet especially for pregnant women & toddlers.

    Enjoy and Happy cooking!